Patrick Winkelholz

Game Developer

Mr. Pumpkins Potionary

Group Project, Unity, VR

Mr. Pumpkin’s Potionary emerged as the result of a group project during the last year of my studies at Howest DAE. Together with 4 other students we created the game over the course of 11 weeks using the Unity Engine and SteamVR.
Among other gameplay elements I was mainly responsible for implementing the ingredient preparation and scoring systems.

We submitted the game to the Rookies Awards 2020 for the category ‘Game of the Year – Immersive Media’ where it reached the finalists. For more details and a downloadable game build visit the Rookies contest entry page.

Slip N' Dip

Game Jam, Unity

This game was created during a 3 day game jam at Howest DAE with the theme ‘climate change’.
It is a local multiplayer couch game where players play penguins that have to fight over limited space on rapidly melting ice.
In our team of 8 people I was responsible for implementing various gameplay elements and the dynamic melting and breaking of the ice pieces.

It received the most votes among it’s competitors at the end of the game jam and got featured at the Howest Game Pitch Café.

After taking some time to polish the game later on I decided to self-publish it to Steam, mainly to get familiar with the process.

Castle Brawl

C++, DirectX

This basic remake of Nintendo’s original ‘Super Smash Brothers’ was created in the DAE owned Overlord engine.
I expanded the engine with a custom scene loading system, post processing effects and implemented the entire gameplay.

Pew Pew Pantheon

Group Project, Unity

Pew Pew Pantheon is a small fast-paced couch game for 2 to 4 players. I developed it together with 3 other students during my fourth semester at DAE and was mainly responsible for programming the input system, character movement and projectile physics.

The full project and iterative design process is available on
It also got featured at the Howest Game Pitch Café.

City Shapes

Side Project, Unity, Android

When I moved to Leipzig I had the idea for a quiz app based on the different neighborhoods of a city.

I developed a basic Unity app over the course of a few weekends that only contained shape data of the different parts of Leipzig.
After researching a bit I found that the Open Street Maps Overpass API can be used to aquire district boundary data from just about any city in the world. To make it more engaging I also added leaderboards and very simple user management using a MySQL database.

Sci-Fi Environment

Unreal Engine 4, Blueprints

During the third semester of my studies at DAE I created this Sci-Fi themed environment using very basic meshes, a modular workflow and trim texturing techniques.
It features basic gameplay that I implemented using Unreal Blueprints.



february 2020 - july 2022


2017 - 2022
Bachelor of Sc